Notifying relations and friends

Notifying relations and friends

Beyond people very close to the deceased, the best way to notify others about the death and funeral is through an announcement in a local newspaper. If you are unsure how to best word this announcement, we are very happy to assist.

The newspaper that you choose to place the announcement should be one that is distributed in the area where the deceased was living. In a situation where the deceased was known in across the country, you could choose to place an announcement in a national newspaper, however, be prepared to spend more money than you would for a local newspaper. If you arrange the announcement with the paper yourself, you will most likely be asked to give a copy of the death certificate before they will place the announcement.

In a case where the deceased was a public, well-known figure in his or her community, let the newsroom know of this. They may choose to report the death in a different manner or publish an obituary. It is a good idea to provide the paper with details regarding the life of the deceased that would be appropriate to include in the announcement. You can also direct the editor of the newspaper to contact a person who is also capable of giving information about the deceased. By doing this, the chance of errors is lowered.

With increasing popularity, people are using online Tributes to announce the funeral details. Online tributes not only allow you to securely share the details of the funeral with friends and family of the deceased but also allow you to collect tributes, in the form of words, photos or music, which may be used at the funeral service. It’s a beautiful way of engaging many generations to pay their respects for the departed. We partner with Tributes.To to create an ever lasting memorial for your loved ones.

As part of our service and commitment to you we do all the set-up, design and development so you and your family have a beautifully designed, safe, secure, and ever lasting online memorial. We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about setting up a website at this time, and yet we know the power of an online Tribute to help with your grieving now, and for you and future generations to be able to honour and remember your legacy in many many years to come. Please watch the video on this page for more information.